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okay. that's it. i read the latest DW announcement and they're doing the one thing that could win me over: community importing. I CAN IMPORT MY WRITING. that's really all i needed to know. knowing me, i'll probably check LJ pretty often - and of course i'll crosspost, DIS IS CROSSPOST, etc. Also: tag merging. Tag merging. aughjgklnjh.

i will be using [personal profile] igrab rather than spqr, because - because reasons. Because iGrab. It is my name, okay?

Anyway, nothing to lose by my moving, you will totally see my heinously large amounts of posts in your LJ feed, and I will probably still check my flist.

BUT if you have a DW, please comment with it? So I can friend you? Pretty please?
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Finally decided what to do with this thing - this journal is going to be my fic archiving journal. Just so you know, those who are watching me, there's going to be some HUGE fic dumps sometimes.

If you're philosophically (and/or homosexually) inclined, I'm using another DW journal - [personal profile] sappho for long thinky posts/essays, mostly about gayness. So you might want to watch it? IDK.

Anyway, feel free to unwatch me - fic dumps incoming!

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this is the alternate journal of [personal profile] igrab. within are fannish flailings, multiple useless posts a day, big sparkly text, the whole nine yards. also, I write fic sometimes. and stuff.

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